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Welcome to my website, my name is Jim Strang, I am a Blacksmith or to be more precise I'm a combination of craftsman, artisan, fabricator, welder, engineer, mechanic and blacksmith. I say this because I have over 30 years experience working with metals at various levels and it is my main discipline in life.

I'm based 25 miles North of Perth, near Pitlochry, in the county of Perthshire, in the “Heartland of Scotland”. I produce mainly one-off bespoke handmade and hand forged practical, decorative and artistic wrought iron work. I use many traditional methods in working metal, however I will incorporate any technique, component or different material as I feel is required when making the piece. I find this mix works well, giving me the freedom to use a wide range of tools and materials to create completely unique pieces.

That said, there is nothing more satisfying than pulling a piece of hot steel from the coal forge and beating it with a hammer over the anvil, changing its shape, elongating, widening, bending, twisting  or  punching holes through it, and making it into whatever one desires. The texture of the finished piece showing the blows of the hammer and other tools that went into making it. Simply beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the site; I have included some older pieces, as well as newer items to show you the diversity of my work.

I am always happy to take on commission work, even from rough sketches and broad discussions I am sure I can make what you want.
Remember the possibilities are limited only by our collaborative imagination.

I list items for sale, if you see something you would like to purchase please contact me via the details on the Contact Us page, and I will make arrangements with you.

Take care and thanks for looking. Jim Strang

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