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Contacting Handmade In Scotland  

Handmade in Scotland is a one man business and it is therefore not possible for customers to just drop by on the off chance I will be in.

For that reason I operate appointment only visits, arranged at a time that suits both parties.

However I can be contacted 24/7 -- 364 days of the year, (yes that's right 364 days, well no true Scotsman can be contacted on New Years Day) through email at:

jim@handmadeinscotland.co .uk
Use the web based form below.


Contact me by the phone, on: 01796 482 398
0777 880 44 24 on my mobile (there is more chance of contacting me on this number).

If you are phoning from abroad remember to replace the first zero with 44.

I hope to be hearing from you soon!!!


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