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I have made all kinds of wrought iron furniture; various chairs, tables, lamps and beds, some have been commissioned, others I designed, and some have came about while working the forge.

All of the furniture I create are bespoke one-offs, I never make two of the same design, however I would make a set of chairs for a dinning table or similar.

Some of the work pictured below is new, others are older pieces, I have included them to give you an idea of the variety of work I can do.

Each picture opens in a new page with further information about them.


Decorative Bespoke Handmade Chair
Elegant scroll chair
Decorative Bespoke Handmade Hand Forged Chair
Lovely flowing scroll back Chair
Decorative Bespoke Handmade Hand Forged Chair
Computer Chair
Handmade Wrought Iron Cot
Wrought Iron Cot
Hand Forged Bespoke Plant Lamp
Forged Plant Like Electric Lamp
Handmade Large Chain Plant Stand
Large Chain Plant Stand


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