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The pictures below represent some of the commission work that I have undertake.

Most of my work on this site has been commissioned by someone. Some pieces are made after a brief description of what a client wants, other's involve meetings to discuss specific details required.

I believe there is two components that all commission work should have in common: 1) Understand and interpret what the client wants. 2) The client is ecstatic with the final work.

Once the design is agreed on, my goal is to produce that work, to the highest standards of quality workmanship possible.

If you have any enquiry, or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me using the details on the Contact page.

Each picture opens in a new page with further information about them.


Hanging Baskets Perth Perthshire Scotland
Perth Council Hanging Baskets in Perth, Scotland
BBC Scotland Straithblair Series Wrought Iron Candelabra
BBC Scotland Wrought Iron Candelabra
BBC Scotland Straithblair TV Series Window Panel
BBC Scotland Straithblair TV Series Window Panel
Kinnaird Hotel Forged Wrought Iron Fire Grate
Kinnaird Hotel Forged Wrought Iron Fire Basket
Handmade in Scotland Wrought Iron Plant Domes
Handmade Wrought Iron Plant Domes
Handmade Forged Cobra Snake
Hand Forged Cobra Snake
Handmade Blacksmith Fishing Man Weater Vane
Handmade Fishing Man Weather Vane
Wrought Iron Plant Stants
Wrought Iron Plant Stands


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